Beach Overview

Probably the best known wave kitesurf spots in the UK and despite it being a beach break it is regarded as one of the best spots in Europe on its day. It can be kited in a wide range of conditions but ‘Classic conditions’ are South South Westerly winds and a long period groundswell from the West or North West.

If you are experienced it is also good on Southerlies but wind is cross offshore in that direction so caution is advised.

Best kiting is between low and mid tide

Stay clear of the lifeguard flagged areas when they are on duty..

On a good day it can get busy with surfers, SUPs, windsurfers and kitesurfers so please make sure you keep your position in a holding pattern, observe surfing rights of way and don’t snake. If you are not sure what the above means probably best to avoid the spot on a good day.

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South South Westerly


From North Easterly through Westerly to South South Westerly


Beach disappears two to two and a half hours before high tide and re-appears two to two and a half hours later. Depending on wind direction Sandyacres is a better bet if the tide is too high.


There are two large rocks, just to the south of the lifeguard hut on the point, one that gets exsposed in the shore break at low tide and another about 400metres out to sea on a similar latitude which can catch you out at mid and low tide depending on the sea state. Often when the swell is running there is a strong rip current that heads out to sea in a northerly direction opposite the Lifeguard hut. As on all beaches do not launch and land between the lifeguard flags and if you do have to sail across the flagged lifeguarded area please do so at least 200m off the beach.



Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Car Park is operated by Cornwall Council. Check board in car park for times and charges. You can use the Just Park App to pay and if you are a regular it pays to buy a multi use pass from within the app as at the time of writing it translates to about £1-30 per day.


You can access the beach by heading North along the coastal path, turn left just past the Lifeguard hut on the point and down the stairs. Once on the beach turn left again through the channel in the rocks directly in front of the lifeguard hut walk about 100 yards and you can launch and land from that point. You can access the beach more directly by going down the 'goat track' down the cliff this is directly opposite the North West corner of the Car Park but take care as it is steep and can be slippery especially when wet.

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