Marazion, Folly Fields

Beach Overview

The sheltered spot…

Driving into this private carpark you will want to get as close to the front on the right hand side. Here the grassy rigging area is perfect to get set up right next to your vehicle. With an amazing view of St Michaels Mount standing strikingly in front of you, your eyes scan West towards Penzance and Newlyn taking in the full bay and the launch spots of Station House and Long Rock.

The beach curves round here to face predominantly south west…

The Mount and the surrounding rocks offer a relatively sheltered spot from big southerly swells to take the edge off getting out in more on shore conditions. The prevailing SW wind is great at all parts of Marazion Beach and is often accompanied by waves.  A Southerly can get a little gusty and turbulent towards St Michaels Mount so move along the beach to the West.  A SE wind funnels between St Michaels Mount and Marazion village and so can be stronger due to the venturi effect but can be a little turbulent.  At low tide with a SE however the causeway to St Michaels Mount means there is flat water downwind of the causeway.  On a SE Long Rock is often better wind. 

Great spot for foiling and twin tips

There is the Red River (more like a large stream) bisecting the beach in front of you – Always launch to the right of this to keep clear of the rocky reefs, other beach users and within the code of conduct set out by the KKC. You will often see the friendly faces of Lawrence from Ocean High Kitesurfing school or Lee Harvey from Pasty Adventures here coaching and are both well worth approaching lessons for any more guidance both on and off the water.

Southerly – Good when the waves are big and the wind is strong !!



South South Westerly


From Westerly through South Easterly to Northerly


Common sense prevails if there is a high spring tide.


This beach is very busy in summer time- keep an eye out for other beach and water users. Be wary of the rocky reefs between the beach and St Micheal's Mount.



Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Follyfields Car Park has now changed to an automatic number plate recognition system with no guys on the gate now. Read the sign for full details. It’s open 24 hours now though so early and late sessions easier and cheaper if you want a ‘quick one’ plus campers are not charged extra now. Station house probably still cheaper though and closer to life changing coffee


Easy access here with a large grassy area to rig up on and pack away. It is right on the beach.

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