Beach Overview

The beach at Mylor offers the perfect spot to get out and enjoy the amazing estuary of Falmouth Harbour. It is often called the Carrick Roads and it is no surprise this beach is also home to Restronguet Sailing Club and also the World renowned sailing centre Windsport International. It is a private beach so please do not ruin it for everyone by parking on it – There is plenty of parking in the Harbour or more conveniently at Windsport.

Anyone will see from arial photos of the waters around this centrally located launch spot it has amazing potential particularly for foiling. With a kite foils ability to cover ground both upwind and downwind it opens up possibly one of the best foil cruising area in the south west of the UK.

It is a sheltered spot (wave wise) offering anyone the chance to get to terms with their equipment in a less exposed location and at most you will encounter flat water or wind blown chop. Being an estuary the wind may well be a little more gusty than exposed beaches but it is a beach that covers so many wind directions it is one that I feel has lots to offer.

The welcoming Windsport International Centre offers plenty of parking a short distance from the launch spot. Behind the beach there is a large grassy field which can even be used as a launch spot at really high tides and with care you can easily walk down the concrete slipway to get onto the water. Many of the staff who work here kite or foil so feel free to pick their brains as to the state of the tide or weather – they are very experienced and are always helpful. As one of the UK’s top sailing schools it offers a range of instructional and hire opportunities from an exciting range of sailing dinghies and catamarans. If you want to experience a go at Wingsurfering / Wing Foil / Wing Ding they have a school and demo centre for Kitesurf kit opening from May 2021 – to go alongside their multihull foiling Academy.

NEW for 2021 – Coastland is opening is opening from early summer. New camping pitches – changing rooms and facilities – Why not Stay and play at this amazing location.

The nature of the beach with seaweed pebbles and rocks and a more limited launch and landing area (in the region of 450m) means I would only recommend it for anyone competent at being able to comfortably kite upwind – a further reason why foiling works so well here. The further addition of many boats on moorings in close proximity mean that you must be confident of your ability.

With the addition of the fantastic Cafe Mylor just a short stroll away in the harbour with a well stocked chandlery, as well as Big Blue Watersports, the harbour offers partners and family the opportunity to enjoy an enjoyable respite without getting wind / sand blown. There are also many delightful coastal and sheltered scenic walks from here to keep the more active engaged.

The best wind directions are probably NW and SE although there is sometimes a reduced wind shadow on the first 50 – 100m in a NW..





From North Westerly through North Easterly to South South Easterly


Limited beach at high tide. At very low tide the beach is very shallow for a reasonable distance so if you are foiling make sure you wade out deep enough!


The beach is a shingle / stony beach with a fair amount of seaweed - Care should be taken when rigging up not to snag stones or seaweed. There are also trees behind the beach to be aware of when launching and landing. On the water there are few hazards apart from the numerous moorings to the North east of the beach - Stay well clear from them and be aware there is a lot of boat traffic entering and leaving the moorings and nearby Mylor Yacht Harbour Marina



Recommended Wind Window

Location, Parking & Access


Parking is easy - simply follow directions to Mylor Yacht Harbour - when you arrive keep driving straight on passing the Yacht hoist. Follow Pennarow Road towards the beach and follow the road up the ramp and around the corner into the Windsport Centre - You will be directed to the parking area.


A short stroll across the dinghy park will take you to the top of the slipway to the beach. Use the sheltered grassy boat park for storing your bag / extra kit and then stroll down to the beach. There is a convenient hose on the grassy bank behind the beach which is ideal for washing your kit off after use.

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