wing foil

Wing Foils

It is hard to ignore the new foil wings that are appearing at our beaches and with a windsurfing and kiteboarding background and plenty of experience in foiling it seemed rude not to give it a go. Luckily for me Duotone have a great wing in the Echo and we are also looking forward to […]

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Environmental Impact for 2020

Duotone has made huge in roads into making sure their product and packaging for 2020 has offset its carbon footprint by utilising fully recyclable packaging and supporting CO2 offset projects. In the past every board required stacks of plastic bubblewrap and plastic packaging to ensure every board arrived at the dealer and customer in pristine […]

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Moving into 2021 with leaps and bounds

Moving into 2021, I have many mixed emotions reflecting on 2020. Despite the turmoil financially, physically and emotionally going on in society, with the impact of Covid, I realise I do try to look at life with a positive view point. Travel usually sits high on my list of priorities and meeting new people, enjoying […]

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Foiling evolution

Foil Progress with Coaching from Lee Any foil package purchased from Kitesurfkit in 2020 will be eligible for a complimentary 3 hour Coaching clinic with Lee Pasty to progress your foiling at an accelerated rate. Not only have we been blown away by the success of the foils and boards that have been released for […]

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