Duotone Kite & Wing Pump


Integrated sand filter for longer life
Leash to attach to your kite while pumping
Anti friction internal coatings which can easily be taken apart and cleaned out.
Airport valve nozzle adaptor plus other different adaptors so you can use it to pump up many other kite brands and other items such as air beds or inflatable boats
Strong aluminium shaft
Ergonomic handles
Pressure gauge included
Double or single action, start with double, then turn the switch to swap to single down stroke to easily reach high pressure with less back strain.


Large and Extra large volume kite pump for quick and easy inflation of your Duotone kitesurf Kite and Wing . The 2020 Duotone Kitesurf Kite Pump also includes other nozzles to fit many other brands of kite.

Two sizes:
L – Height 45cm, Volume 2 litres
XL – Height 61cm, Volume 3 litres

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