Foil Spirit Mast 2.0, Fuselage & Bag


Shorter mast lengths are offered to help beginners to get on the board fast and safe and as well are necessary for spots which shallow water. Longer masts enable the rider/racer to achieve more radical leaning angles/angles of attack .



The padded bag is ideal to store you choice of Mast Fuselage and fuselage plus your foil wing set along with all the necessary bolts and alun keys to construct and attach your chosen set up.  Bothe the mast, fuselage and wings come supplied with the necessary protective cases as well that allow transport and storage with complete confidence  to get you to the water and an ease of removal to allow convenience.

Duotone offer one durable fuselage length which measures at 70cm – All screw inserts for the foil wings have stainless heli coil inserts to keep corrosion and electrolytic bonding to an absolute minimum.

Then Select your mast length :

60cm – The shortest mast is ideal for learning and if you often kite in shallow conditions

75cm – This is the most popular model and is classically the mast of choice for our most popular wings the Carve 950 and Surf wing 1250 & 1500

95cm – The mast of choice for those looking to push the envelope in terms of speed and upwind performance on the smaller Carve and GT wings – Not recommended  for use with the surf wings.

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60cm, 75cm, 90cm

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