WingPro – Wing foil.


Take you first steps in this exciting new Watersport – give wing foiling or Wing surfing a try!  We can set you up with everything you need to get started with the ideal equipment and location with qualified Instructors.


A swift précis of the WINGPRO course will allow your instructor to show you the route you will take from getting on the board to full foiling. The introduction to the board and foil on land is combined with launch and recovery techniques. Managing your wing and approach to the board will lead to you standing and development of low riding control. The final step builds on everything to allow you to successfully control your first foiling flights.

With Windsport we can offer you a First Flight Tow option with a powered session behind a rib to give you an understanding of the necessary dynamics of foiling.  Key to success is establishing foot placement, body position and weight distribution necessary to ‘low ride’, lift off and touch down.  With this muscle memory logged it will allow you to speed your learning curve as you reintroduce the wing.

With a selection of the best equipment and our extensive experience we can offer you the necessary short cuts to pick up the key skills necessary to enjoy Wing Foiling under your own steam.



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